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 Posted: Wed May 17th, 2006 11:05 pm
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So-  We've got a dishwasher in the field.  Has been in operation since October of 2005.  Our first call on the unit came in early december with a "not cleaning" complaint (my call dispatcher is horrible with the "Customer Request" part of the workorder).  Technician was dispatched and checked the dishwasher, but could find no cause for the issues present.  Marked it up as a "Custom Ed on soap usage".

This did not solve the problem.  Same tech has been out again, and again, can find no apparent cause, so I got involved.

Customer complaint:  Whitish film drying to inside of bowls.  Grainy-textured film inside glassware.  Thick film on flatware, especially in the bowl of the spoon.

My technician assures me that he has interrogated all of the usual suspects; no cracked arms, good water pressure and temperature, fresh soap, good pump, customer has tried new soap, has tried running the tap next the DW hot, etc., etc.

After quizzing the tech further I found that he did not actually measure the water temperature to verify that it is at least the 120 that the manufacturer recommends, nor did he verify what the water heater was set at.  Furthermore, the customer has admittedly very hard water.  They live in "Rock County" and are on a private well and no water softener.

So.  Tech support has given us no further info. I've instructed dispatch to schedule one final call and have talked with the technician and instructed thusly:  The call is to be run, water temperature measured at the diswasher, verified setting of the water heater and to perform a test for the actual hardness of the water.  My thought process being if their water is REALLY hard and/or the temperature of the water is below 120...  Follow me?

If water temp and hardness can be reasonably ruled out..I'm out of ideas. 

If anyone is still reading this...any other thoughts on what the tech might be missing?


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