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 Posted: Mon May 8th, 2006 03:49 pm
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txtax1122 wrote:
Thanks and I look forward to receiving your gift via email at

Thanks for your love-offering! :) Check your email, manual should be there by now.

Would you replace the bearings and belt if you were me and given the age of my dryer (six year old.)

Excellent question! Well, as long as you're going to all the trouble to take it apart and given that it's 6 years old, the belt may show signs of wear (cracking, splitting, etc.) and, if so, it would be wise to go ahead and replace it.

The idler pulley can be another troublemaker. Assess its condition carefully-- if you have any doubts about it, replace it, too.

Fun fact to know and tell: when I'm on a service call and I have an appliance torn down, I always inspect rolling components for signs of excessive wear. If I think it should be replaced, I'll advise the customer accordingly. They may or may not want me to do it, but at least I've made them aware of it.

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Idler Pulley:

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