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 Posted: Sun May 7th, 2006 12:53 am
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Asko T700 wheel drum replacement/belt replacement




Unstack dryer from washer. 

            Unplug dryer from wall, washer from dryer, disconnect dryer duct

            Lift front of dryer up, “walk” dyer forward to remove tangs in back

            Lay dryer face down


Remove top of dryer

Remove back of dryer

            Remove periphery screws, not 4 centering around nut/shaft

            loosen nut (will turn drum, so start with quick jerk)

bring nut to top of bolt shaft to protect threads, tap with hammer to unseat shaft from bearing seal.

Lift back of dryer out of way, do not disconnect wires, take them out of holders only


Take out air ducts

            Remove tube caps from both sides

            Wiggle cross duct out

            Remove “L” duct from fan assembly


Remove belt and lift drum out

            Clean belt path on drum, tensioner pulley wheel, and grooves on motor drive shaft


Take off drum wheels

Cut “finger hole” in side of plastic  this “workaournd” will allow you to NOT take out the entire plastic assembly (which seems to be a contrived source of frustration) and allow you to stick your finger in to hold the nut on as you tighten the drum wheels




Put on drum wheels, place nut in back with finger, tighten, use medium locktite thread binder


Put new, thicker, longer, spring on tensioner


Tape belt to drum (straight) on normal line of belt travel


Carefully seat drum back into dyer

            Height of back of drum should be about ½ inch lower than sides of dryer


Thread belt through pulleys, remove tape


Reattach “L” duct, and transvers duct, replace tube endcaps


Place back of dryer back on

            Make sure not to crimp and wires, and that they are still all attached

            Tap back of dryer around bearing shaft until near flush with level of bearing


Replace top of dryer, restack