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 Posted: Thu May 19th, 2005 03:32 am
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To my esteemed fellow master appliantologists:

It's seldom when I find myself at a loss to solve a problem. (Last time I was asking about the braking assy on a post 95 GE Washer)
But this time I am dealing with a Maytag Dishwasher. This nasty little nasty has been a nemesis for many a year.
The lady called me out for a door leak. I replaced the door seal PN 902894. Popped it in place, leaked checked it, collected my pay and tripped along on my merrie way.
Next day she calls and says its still leaking "a bit".
So, putting a little backing tape behind the seal along the lower edge, the leak stops. Huzzah. Two days later guess what guys? Yep. Its still leaking.
I open the inner liner. No water tracks eminating from anywhere near the dispenser assy and that latch grommet. And the glass insulation is dry. Ok, its coming from somewhere along the bottom.
The foam seal Pn 903233, was creased so I changed it. And to be absolutly sure, I also changed the lower spray arm PN 90001788. GUESS WHAT? NOPE, it STILL leaks! Appears to be coming from the edges.
The door hinges seem to be not worn, and the panel cover is holding the foam seal fairly snugly against the wash basin.
In the years I've been doing this, Ive still not felt confident about addressing Maytag DW leaks.
I actually get knots in my stomach when I hear its a Maytag with a door leak. I seldom have the luxury of walking away from one of these without coming back again. And again.Worst of all I chose to honorably refund her money and suggest she find another who thinks he can nail this one. THAT, my friends, really hurts.

What are you guys doing that solves this damned problem?