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 Posted: Mon May 1st, 2006 11:30 pm
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I actually ended up getting the GE spacemaker 1.8cu ft as a replacement.  It has most of the bells and whistles the Panasonic did but I couldn't get one without a handle on the door.

I ended up paying more for this one than I did for the Panasonic, but thus far, it has a quieter operation, still has the defrost features and "quick" buttons, like beverages and such, but the cooking cavity seems bigger.  (it probably is since it holds 2 racks, meaning 3 layers of foods)

The scavengers from the garbage company have probably taken away the Panasonic thinking some dumb homeowners threw this thing away b/c they don't know how to fix it.  I was told it was probably either the power supply or the inverter board.  If it was the power supply, it would have been ok to replace, if it was the inverter board, it was a LOT more expensive.  For $60 to have someone come out, then another $50-$150 depending on what the issue was, it wasn't worth investing for a $275 micro.

The forum here helped since I at least knew the inverters were prone parts.  Made the replacement decision much easier.