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 Posted: Sat Apr 29th, 2006 01:44 pm
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i have installed many of these "blower kits" over the last 6 years and the kits consist of inner door glasses and brackets that angle the middle glass panel outward,door hinge stiffeners,new door gasket,new blower,and a 130 degree thermo-disc.the kit is really not that expensive when you compare it to all the individual parts. when you install this kit,some of the units do not require the glass in the door changed as the factory did a running production change- same-o for the blower,the serial ranges are explained in the kits documents.the idea is to reduce the amount of heat that can escape from the top oven door area,which can then be drawn into the air flow,and if stagnated at all,cause opening of the fuse,however,it has been my experience that when this effect is present,it will cause the inline fuse to the control to open,thereby disabling the units control board/display etc.- but when the disc on the back opens- unit still accepts all command functions but fails to heat.

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