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 Posted: Sat Apr 29th, 2006 07:19 am
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ive done a few of the kits ron is talking about

you have to be REALLY careful with the serial number cause you may buy parts you dont have to. the full kit like Ron said is a new thermal fuse, piece of glass for the oven door, door gasket, door hinges, a new cavity fan (i think it may be higher rpm), and new brackets to mount the fan. the brackets' purpose is to move the fan back about an inch which will blow more air on the rear of the wall oven and keep higher airflow through the whole cabinet.

youre gonna have to talk to your parts guy real nice and get him to do some digging for you to see what  "revision" your wall oven is by looking up model/serial numbers and required kit.

Before you much is it going to cost and how long is it going to take?