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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2006 03:26 pm
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the problem you are experiencing is related to air flow around the unit,some other components on the oven you can check are your door hinges-door should not open beyond 90 degrees,and general condition of your door gasket.  since every installation is unique,you may have to make some modifications to your cabinetry . i serviced one of these a couple of months back at my service mgr's request as we have now replaced 5 of these,and like you,the guy thought there was some sort of design flaw- nevertheless,i was to go see what i could find. what i discovered was he had an older home that he had done many renovations to and had chosen a nice spot near a corner and patio door to install this oven(double k/a wall oven). adjacent to the oven was another nook where he installed his fridge,and above,a b/i microwave,being an older home,there was no room behind these units and installation was extremely tight to say the least. i proceeded to replace yet another thermo-disc,checked everything over and verified that all was functioning well and went over the installation with the owner. after much explaination,we theorized that the unit obviously didn't have enough air flow around it to dissipate the heat generated during clean. he was willing to try to improve that and we devised a plan where he would cut a square hole in the cabinet between his oven and fridge and install a return air grille into this hole- above the oven in the space between oven/microwave there was a space of approx 6 inces- another hole was cut in the top of the cabinet,and the front of the space between-he then installed a small blower motor which exhausted air outward through the front of cabinet and a grille installed over this hole as well. now when he sets his unit onto clean,he turns on this fav which draws air from the adjacent space where the fridge is across the oven and out the top of the cabinet- i have called him several times since and he has asked me to stop calling him to check on unit as this has clearly solved the problem of the failing disc. i guess it boils down to what you consider the worst of the 2 evils- pull oven out and change a disc every so often,or make changes to your kitchen cabinetry to improve air flow- to him this was worth it-to me, i have no problem changing a disc. the point here is that although it is adverised these units require no clearance,in reality,they do require some sort of air flow.

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