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 Posted: Thu Apr 27th, 2006 12:43 pm
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firts off,DO NOT plug any air holes in the grille of the unit as this will make your problems worse,secondly, i believe the service bulletin that ron has eluded to is a differnt problem all together. when your unit fails,can you still program the oven to bake,but the elements just don't come on? when you repair it are you changing a thermo disc at the rear of the oven?  the bulletin was to adress the thermal fuse(not the disc) and when this occurs,the entire oven goes down,display and all- and the component which opens is located in the front behind the control panel- there have been many of the disc failures occur- i usually install part #4452223  which is a 130 degree celcius stat and relocate it to the left of the convection fan shaft so the heat escaping around the shaft does not directly affect it,while unit is out-ensure that the very bottom metal panel is not bent upward as this space between the oven bottom and the panel is a sort of duct in which air is drawn from and expelled through the holes in the grill that you plan to block-this air flow is crucial. also ensure that the space under the oven bottom is open to the finish piece,and if necessary provide a source for air inside the cabinets.  if you reduce your cleaning time below 2 1/2 hrs,it will be ineffective, this is the MINIMUM clean time-if anything you should increase it as you will allow a more complete clean cycle,that includes a cool down period, this is preprogrammed into controller.

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