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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2006 11:46 am
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Good morning,

  Yes thank you Ron and Samurai repair man!. I checked out that link and emailed them the question to see if this would solve the problem. I can see how the heat from the door could be sucked back in to the blower as it runs in reverse to pull the air down the back & out the bottom except for that pipe that leads out the front and picks up air through an elbow from the back of the fan. Now I have to ask a question it may sound stupid but that's how I learn! What if I were to block those holes on top of the door and let the air escape through the bottom hole of the door? Could this work or would it cause damage? But if I get a response from repair clinic and they say this will fix it I'll get that. I just don't see how those parts are going to help!. Forget about KitchenAid they won't give me any answers they just keep saying thank you for writing to us.