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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2006 10:30 am
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote:
The problem is that the spin tube/brake assembly has dropped down from the weight of the transmission and motor assembly dropping when you unbolted it.

You need to start over and do this right.

You're going to have to remove the cabinet to work on it correctly, then remove the agitator, take the pump and motor off the transmission again and remove the transmission.

After you have removed the transmission you can turn the brake release cam lever by hand and push the spin tube/brake assembly all the way back up into place where it should be.

Then put it all back together, make sure when you install the transmission the white brake release cam is on the opposite side of the clutch spring.

See the above BOLD part of post, pretty much same as Poobah just told you. So, HMMMM, maybe it was you that wasn't reading the advice giving????

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