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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2006 03:11 am
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70Chevy,  There was a service flash out on this model that pertained to blowing the thermal fuse.  Flash 22-702,  had a kit that included door gasket, glass, blower assy. and thermo-disk with all the necessary brackets and instructions.  The serial number on the units affected were xjo1 through xj48.  Don't know if your oven falls into this catagory or not.  The condition was different than what you are experiencing.  The therm fuse would blow because heat was escaping from the top of the door and pulled into the blower fan across the therm fuse.   It almost sounds like your oven could of used this kit.  If the serial numbers match,  I would call them again and inquire about it.  Last part number I had for that kit was 814531...Ron