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 Posted: Wed May 18th, 2005 04:36 pm
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I pwn a JTP56 GE built-in oven (~3 yrs old). I have recently started getting F errors. It started with F0. I opened the oven face and found the "troubleshooting sheet" that gave possible errors and also the the proper resistance for each contact/button circuit. According to this "Ohm" check the Clear/Off button on the keypad was bad. I went ahead and did the pink pencil eraser trick and WOW it worked... but for only a week or so. That's when I discovered this site. Since then I have tried removing the ribbon, and powering it back up (the 24 hour test) as mentioned here

When I powered the system back up, the code immediately goes to F7. Can any one help me pinpoint the error, or am I out the keypad + ERC? :X:X:X

Thanks in advance!