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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2005 12:24 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote:
P.S. -- Samurai, do you know if this board recognizes html code, and if so how to make it do so. I really hate those long links that screw up the formating of the board

Here's what I tried for but couldn't get it to work

<a href="">CLICK HERE</a>

so the words "CLICK HERE" only show instead of the long url

HTML does not work for security reasons, that's the way Wowbb is designed.  Even in other boards where HTML can be enable, such as vbulletin, they strongly discourage it. 

It's no biggie, though because links are even easier to do.  Just highlight the text you want to make a link and then click the "link" button in the post toolbar (it's the globe with a chain link in it).  You can see I've edited your post and did that.  If you click edit on that same post, you'll see the code that's there.  It's inserted automatically, although you can manually edit code, too.

The Help section is short, sweet, and to-the-point.  Check it out the section on posting for more info.

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