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 Posted: Thu Apr 20th, 2006 06:02 pm
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Dear Samurai Repair Man

Don't know where this is posting will end up but have developed major problems with our favourite site and have spent hours on this which we can't resolve.

Initially I logged on as homefixer and all was well.  We recently received a private message from scuba415 and my so called 'home fixer' got his passwords wrong (not sure I should have called him 'homefixer'!!) and re-registered as homefixer3 and replied privately to scuba415 as homefixer3 .  So now we have two names registered to the same email address and no clue about passwords anymore - don't think the computer can cope with this.  When I ask for new password because of the identical email address it's a nightmare.  I notice that when we log on we come up us homefixer but if we go into say, the laundry forum, we appear as homefixer3. 

To cut a frustrating story short have received another  private message to homefixer3 from scuba415 and cannot open it.  It seems there is one too many usernames.  Wanted to send him a private reply but cannot access this without a password which we can't seem to get because of the two names.  Now we can't even reply to his message publically.  It doesn't seem to be happening with the others members. I think it happened because of the confusing way in which he was replied.

What are the chances of deleted homefixer3, from the face of the earth, please as the frustration is unbearable!  It's so bad I'm thinking of sending my Mr homefixer your way for some lessons in patience!

Seriously, would appreciate any help as cannot bear to be without this site and would like to help others as we were helped when needed.  Poor scuba415 is probably pulling his hair out.

best regards and thanks for the wonderful site

so called homefixer's wife.