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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 04:06 pm
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Samurai probably has hit it on the head. In wash your water temps are monitored and mixed in an attempt to achieve approx. 75 + or - 5 degree tub water temp. Most parts of the country the cold water temps this time of year are between 40-55, In a cold wash it will start cold then switch to hot for almost the complete cycle. Warm wash temps are 105+ or - 5. That will be almost a straight hot wash for most of the country as well. The rinses are not thermostatically controlled. They are straight cold. Try your unit in wash on hot, look at the water volume going in. Then stop it and turn it to the #2 rinse. Start the unit again and observe the water volume. If it considerably less, either your water is not on all the way, or one of your screens in the inlet hose or water valve are clogged with sediment. The unit is designed to run for 5 minutes, if the pressure switch is not satisfied, it shuts off. Since rinse is considerably more water then hot, and most of the sediment in the house water is in the cold lines, this problem always happens in rinse   

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