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 Posted: Sun Apr 9th, 2006 04:44 am
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I have a series 17 washer that recently started stopping in the rince cycles (both regular and delay cycle).  It basically enters the rinse cycle & continues tumbling for at lease 5 minutes before the washer shuts off.

I ran some tests on it today & monitored the signals going from the timer to the Machine Control board (1A, 1B, 2A & 2B).  I used the paper dial indicator from the service manual to indicate the washer state.

I had the front panel switches set to Cotton/Sturdy, Warm/Warm and Options/Reset.

I set the timer knob to the start of the LIGHT TUMBLE cycle & started the washer.

    CYCLE                 1A  1B  2A  2B  APPROX TIME
LIGHT TUMBLE               H   H   L   L     2 min
RINSE FILL & BLEACH DISP   H   L   H   L     2 min
DRAIN & SPIN 1             L   L   H   L     3 min
RINSE, FILL & TUMBLE       H   L   L   H     > 4 min***
DRAIN & SPIN 2             L   L   L   H     3 min
RINSE, FILL & TUMBLE       H   L   L   H     > 4 min ***
DRAIN & SPIN 2             L   L   L   H     3 min
RINSE, FILL & TUMBLE, FAB  H   L   L   H     > 4 min ***
DRAIN & SPIN 2             L   H   L   H     > 7 min***

For 1A/1B:  L = ~27VAC, H = ~115VAC
For 2A/2B:  L = 0 VDC, H = ~-24 VDC

I monitored the Timer Motor signal on the Machine Control board (P7-3) towards the end of each cycle.  It would go to ~115VAC when the timer moter is operating (~3 VAC when it was not operating). Note: on cycles marked *** the Timer Motor signal never went high, and the timer motor would not operate.  For these cycles, I would nudge the timer dial until the Timer Motor signal was activated and the timer motor would operate, causing the timer to advance to the next state.  If I don't touch the dial, the washer remains in the first Rinse, Fill & Tumble cycle for a long time until it times out and the washer shuts off.

Do I have a faulty timer or something else?   I thought the Machine Control board causes the Timer Motor signal to operate to make the timer motor come on & once the timer motor cam operates the motor will stay on until the timer advances to the next state.  The Machine Control board seems to be getting the right signals from the timer and the timer motor cam can't operate until the timer motor starts - right?  This seems to draw suspicion away from the Timer - but it is curious how nudging the timer makes it work.

Any help would be appreciated!