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 Posted: Sat Apr 8th, 2006 11:37 pm
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Hope this can help you; I just spent some quality time today with the repairman over this same issue.  Hopefully it can save you a $55 service call.

First he removed the top of the machine.  This is done by pushing it back slightly, about 1/2 inch, so that the tabs come unhooked, and then lift it off.  (I know I'm not explaining that well, but I'm sure there's a diagram or post on this board that would explain it better.)  Near the back of the machine on the right hand side is where all of the wiring hooks into the computer portion that controls the door lock (and other things) is located.  The pink wires control the door lock.  They are inserted and removed in a manner similar to a phone jack. 

Here's the solution:  Make sure the wires are all inserted tightly; I guess with all of the jarring during the cycles, they sometimes loosen.  He just took the connection out, looked at it and put it back in and now it runs fine---so far at least.  He also check the connections on the other end of the wires.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed; it is after all still day 1 of the "repair".

As an addendum:  He came to this conclusion after I told him I was not going to spend another $269 to replace the "control board" on a lemon.  I told him that the "sensor board" was covered for 2 years.  His reply, "This is the control board."  When I pulled out my owner manual, I realized it was the same thing.  My husband then called and wanted to talk to him.  Amazingly enough, during the conversation with my husband,  the problem went from replacing the control board to a possible loose wire!!!  And sure enough, that seems to have been the problem--amazing!!!

I also was chided for not purchasing a "protection agreement".  And he also tried to sell me one before he left.  I just said if I have any more problems, I'm just going to toss the machine and cut my losses; $1000 is enough to spend, I'll just get a new lower tech one.

He was actually a pretty nice guy that was just doing his job, but I still resent the whole "hard sell" game.

Hope this helps,