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 Posted: Mon May 16th, 2005 03:36 am
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Not exactly happy with the developments.  Right now the temps are: 16° and 39°.  I opened the baffle to get more cold air into the fridge as it had been running jsut above 40° and dialed the fridge towards 'colder.'  This was late this morning and we have used the fridge since, but not in the last 1-2 hours. 

If my fridge is no longer capable of cooling as low as recommended, what does that mean?  Does the refrigerant need recharged (actually, it'll need to be changed over to whatever the new stuff is, if that's the case)? 

I can't feel any cool air leaking out around the gaskets, including the rip in the corner.  Apparently, silicone caulk works well for this!

I will report my findings in the morning with 6+ hours of staying closed.