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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2006 12:55 am
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Thanks once again. I did notice the warranty last night, fortunately before I cancelled the service call I had scheduled, as a backup, for Monday morning.

Transmission is covered (7 years into 10 yr coverage period), which is good. Technician suggests replacing a seal and brake components, which with labor and service call will come to about $250. Seems reasonable to me, so we had the parts ordered up. Tell me if I should be running fast in the other direction.

I suppose we should expect not much more than another 6 or 7 years out of it. Any suggestions for easing its job for a longer life? I already have a houshold decree to run no rugs or such things in it. Are full loads of everyday laundry too much work for the transmissions in these things? I see the transmission issue mentioned often on this site.

Of course we bought the Maytag for $100 or so over others with the expectation of fewer problems and a decent service life. And it has been a good machine - the only gripes I can point to are the water level slide setting gave out early in its life (won't stay where set), and when load is unbalanced, rather than call someone to help (buzzzzz), it will jump around happily like a 6 year old on a king sized bed. Maybe that's the cause of the transmission problem, you might be thinking, and maybe it is. But it doesn't happen often, and we usually catch it by the 3rd or 4th bounce.

Anyway, thanks for your assistance. I'll post results.

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