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 Posted: Mon Apr 3rd, 2006 12:13 am
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Thank you TTH,

I finally did remove the inner tub, following advice from another posting (wiggle and pull hard). I found a staple (heavy duty wire type) lodged in one hole of inner tub that was digging into outer tub, which couldn't have been responsible for my noise or lack of agitation.

Tested the agitation while tub off, and noise still there. Someone called it a "deeper" noise, sort of like an auto bearing problem or rough brake rotors. The machine agitated for a while, then stopped suddenly with a loud clunk. I can get it to agitate again by running spin cycle briefly, but still very noisy agitation.

Your assesment appears to be correct.

Guess I will peruse the site for a good description of transmission replacement to help me decide whether to undertake it myself. The machine is only 6 yrs old and should have another 10 yrs left.

This one appears promising:
One Year Old Maytag Atlantis MAV9750 Washer = Jet Turbine

Any other pointers would be appreciated.

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