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 Posted: Sat Apr 1st, 2006 07:02 am
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Maytag Model MAV7000AWW purchased 2000

My immediate question is how to remove the inner tub from spindle so I can see what might be lurking below it. Agitator is off, and four bolts underneath have been removed, but tub is stuck tight.

It all started when agitation stopped. An anonymous user reported washer would fill but not agitate. Burning smell reported. Testing determined all other functions (spin, pump, brake, etc) work properly. Motor runs in two directions.

But wait; after washer was tipped up for belt access, hand turning of belt revealed that agitation seemed to work. Application of power proved it true, though now a clanky noise appeared.

It appears something could easily have slipped between inner and outer tubs, which could have jammed the agitation, and made the subsequent noise as well.

Which brings me back to my desire to look under the tub to see what I might find. One option, I guess, would be the unweildy task of turning the whole thing upside down and hope whatever is so noisy rolls out.

I most humbly ask your advice. Should I try the appliance repair version of what in Wisconsin is referred to as "Cow Tipping"? Or is the removal of the inner tub easier than it now seems?

Thank you kindly for your wise advice.

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