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 Posted: Sat Apr 1st, 2006 04:11 am
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Thanks for the reply. I think we have a different model number with different motors. I have a 10504 and the brushes are internal to the motor and welded in. I had to sand down some oversized brushes to fit in the holder, cut the wires off of the worn brushes and solder the new ones in.

If I'm not mistaken you have a 10505 and the brushes slide into a couple of holes in the sides of the motor housing. Mine is designed differently and would require a component that holds the brushes, brass circuitry and the connector for the power wire from the washer to the motor. It is designed to be easily replaceable but ASKO doesn't sell the part.

I plan to just keep feeding the machine brushes until either something else major fails or the motor actually dies.