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 Posted: Thu Mar 30th, 2006 04:10 am
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I think that you might be mistaken. The AP Depot site lists no parts for ASKO model 10504 washer, nevermind a brush kit for the motor in this model. I'm upset because this machine cost about $1,100 ten years ago to replace a 20 year old Kenmore that still ran but had a leak in the outer tub. It would be on its 4th motor if I had decided to believe the local shop and ASKO. In actuallity all three failed motors only needed brushes. Imagine that, a 15,000 rpm motor wears out brushes!

When I asked my local retail/repair shop (where the washer was purchased) they said that a brush kit was not available for this motor and that the motor would need to be replaced.

The most annoying thing of all is the motor was designed to allow for easy replacement of the brushes, needing only to remove 4 long machine screws to open the motor and remove the windings then 4 more small machine screws to remove the component containing the brushes. For a layman like myself the entire replacement job would take about 10 minutes if the kit were available. ASKO is just too willing to sell people a new motor when they know very well that there is nothing wrong with it other than worn brushes!

I think that my discovery entitles me to be upset with ASKO. I haven't phoned them yet but I intend to because they have no customer service e-mail for people to express their concerns.