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 Posted: Wed Mar 29th, 2006 08:24 pm
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Scenario: Motor coupler broke. Unplugged the washer and raised it up on automotive jack stands. Pried off clips to loosen water pump. Removed screws and clips to loosen motor. Removed three bolts that hold the gearbox assembly to the stuff above it. This allowed it to drop down and twist so I could easily remove the pump and motor. Removed old coupler and replaced w/new. Re-installed motor and water pump. Then, I was unable to raise the gearbox assembly back high enough to re-thread the three bolts. It's about half an inch too low for the bolts to thread.

Q: What is needed to raise / re-position the gearbox assembly so the three bolts can be re-threaded?

Thank you, O' Wise One,