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 Posted: Sat May 14th, 2005 03:45 pm
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hummmmm, 16 and 38 is not good, but might have had enough time to settle down and get to correct temperature.  Yes, monitor the temps.  If it freezes up again, do the defrost the coils drill again and let us try the lead on #1 just incase the one in the box was wired wrong, but not likely.  You might just be getting an excess of frost/ice build up due to too much moisture getting into the frig, but why all of a sudden???   Is perhaps the heater is not getting hot enough, but you stated it is getting hot, so............  Yes please let us know how it is going.  0-10 and 35-38 is your target when it is not in defrost and the doors are not opened a lot.  Check temps first thing in the a/m when it has been closed up all night, unless your family does a lot of sleep-walking to the frig!!!  Pegi

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