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 Posted: Sun Mar 26th, 2006 07:24 pm
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I have an over the range NN-H264 that was bought in August 2004.  Already had to replace a turntable motor on it, under warranty, because the thing made an atrocious grinding noise.  Took about 3 months just to get the part.

Now, by the postings below, I'm guessing I have an inverter issue again.  I used the thing to thaw 2.5 lbs of food earlier.  I had come back and the time was missing from the LED.  Reset the time.  Went back about 2hrs later or so and put it on for 1min 45 to heat some water and it died completely. 

Checked the breaker, good.  Checked the outlet with an electric hand mixer, good.  Unplugged for a while, plugged back in, nothing.

Given the experience you've had with inverter boards and such, is it worth getting this monster fixed?  Given that I paid $278 for 1.5yrs of use, I am trying to weigh as to whether this is even worth the service call.  If it's more than a fuse and it's an inverter board issue, I'm guessing I'm out at least $150 for repairs.

In checking websites for this issue, I certainly wished I'd known before my purchase.  My last Panasonic lasted 12 years, but that was before the inverter turbo defrost was available.

It still has a 5yr warranty on the tube, but given some of the feedbacks I've been coming across, this probably has nothing to do with the tube.

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful, O wise one.