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 Posted: Sun Mar 26th, 2006 04:55 am
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Thanks for the pics. Just thought I'd let everybody know that my custom brushes worked! Initially they didn't so I took the motor apart again and found that I left one of them just a tiny bit too wide and once the holder was secured it couldn't slide and make contact with the comutator. A few more strokes on the sandpaper and, VOILA! This little $34 exercise proves that ASKO should supply the brush kit rather than requiring people to buy an entire new motor just because the brushes have worn out. I wonder if the service people know this dirty little secret?!

I will be calling ASKO customer service on Monday to rip them a new ASKHOLE about this! If this is such a problem why not re-design the motor so the case is the same but the brushes are replaceable like my table and circular saws! Didn't they expect that a 15,000 rpm motor would wear out the brushes?! Sheesh!