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 Posted: Sun Mar 26th, 2006 04:50 am
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For normal use of your range, you do not need to

remove the door. However, if you have to remove

the door follow the instructions in this section.

NOTE: If the door removal pins included in the

Anti-Tip Bracket Package are not available, nails

or screws may be used. Be careful that the length

of the nail or screw does not damage the oven by

chipping or scratching the porcelain surface.

To remove:

1. Open the door about halfway. Insert door

removal pins into both hinge hangers. Do not

remove them while the door is removed from

the range.

2. Close the door as far as the door removal pins

will let you.

3. Rotate the door toward the range. Lift up the

door until it stops. Do not use the door handle to

lift the door. Rotate the door toward the floor and

pull it toward you.


To replace:

NOTE: The door removal pins you inserted must still

be in both sides of the door.

1. Grasp the door on the sides with your fingers on

the front of the door and your thumbs on the

inside surface.

2. Rest the hinge hanger so that it is flat (at the

bottom of the hinge hanger on the bottom of the

front frame slot).

3. Position the door with the hinge hanger slots

almost parallel to the front frame.

4. Push up and in until the hinge hanger slots

become fastened to the range. Lower the door

and rotate it slightly from the front to the back

until the slots are fully fastened. The hinge

hanger will be close to the bottom of the front

frame slot.

5. Pull door open about halfway and remove the

door removal pins. Save door removal pins for

future use.

6. Close the door.


This is from your Users Manual:



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