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 Posted: Sat Mar 25th, 2006 09:56 pm
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I have a 10.5 year old Asko 10504 washer that has stopped spinning and agitating (except for me and my wife, to us it is very agitating). This motor is its 3rd one. Original lasted 5yrs 67 days and was replaced under 5 yr waranty (had to complain alot to get that). The second and third each lasted only about 3 yrs.

I opened this motor up and found that the internal brushes were all but gone. I was told that a brush kit was not available. Not wanting to spend another $300 (on what has become a $1800 machine) I brought the motor to a repair shop and bought slightly oversized brushes, sanded them down to fit and soldered them in myself. Unfotrunately the motor still won't run despite getting voltage. A continuity test of the windings and the armature were good. Any other ideas?

What is really annoying is how well designed these machines are to allow simple repair but a brush kit isn't available! Is a schematic for this motor available (with specifications) so I can test the rest of the conductors and such? I'm very close to junking this machine and never going back to Asko! (Sorry about the venting!)