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 Posted: Thu May 12th, 2005 10:46 pm
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FIRST: unplug the AC cord and shut off gas

The front is held on by two screw near the bottom of the front panel.

After they are removed (use a short phillips driver), pull up from the bottom AS IF the front panel is on hinges. Be careful of the wires

Then turn the panel so the front panel is against the left side of the dryer.

And then the inside bits can be removed by using a small socket. A drill motor is helpful.

Pay attention to how the sides of the lint screen cover is placed over the bent edges. If it is not replaced correctly the lint screen will catch when using the dryer.

When you get to the motor, make a drawing of the wires: which colors attached to which terminals. And the green ground wire. The new motor will not be exactly the same, but close enough.

I did not have trouble removing the pulley. I had more trouble removing the retaining clips holding the motor to the frame. It took two persons, one with channel locks, and one with a large screwdriver. Replacing them was "easy."

Having the dryer to bits is a good time to replace the drive belt.  And maybe the felt strips and plastic "bushings."

My felt strips were in fine condition but did have a layer of lint, I removed it with a stiff toothbrush and screwdriver.

During assembly, I placed the pulley on the shaft, and tightened it slightly. After assembly I tested (air fluff cycle) and watched through the rear access panel. Stopped the dryer, and adjusted the pulley to have the belt centered on the plastic tension wheel when turning.

And so on.