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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2006 12:38 am
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Hello everyone!

I'm new at this so forgive me if I'm repeating anything.

I have an ASKO 10505 washer and it too has stopped agitating and spinning.  The repairman I had come by said the motor needs to be replaced.  He did not pull the motor out - he only tried to run the machine through the cycles.  The tub fills and drains, but all you hear are some very slight clicks when the drum should be moving.  Also, when I initially loaded the clothes, I noticed that the drum was spinning somewhat freely and it was making a "zzziiiing" sound.  The repairman says he would charge me $165 (labor only) to replace the motor, and I could by the motor directly myself. I can buy the motor locally for $189 - but I really like the posted info I read about the replacing the brushes.

Where do I find the diagrams to try and fix this myself? 

Also, when it rains it pours!  I have a 7005 dryer that is making a lot of high pitched squeals (intermittently) and the repairman said this is probably the motor getting close to failing.  Any suggestions about whether or not this is right?

If it is possible the motor is getting ready to fail - I'd rather replace it now rather than battle with unstacking it from the top of the washer again later (they are in a small closet).  The cost of a new motor is $190 and the labor I've been quoted to replace it is $175.  Can I do this myself too????!!!!

Probably more importantly, does it make sense to fix these two given their age - almost 10 years old?  I'm thinking yes - but I'm open to comments.  Other than having to have a belt replaced on the washer last May, I haven't had any problems with either the washer or dryer.  My only complaint is the capacity of the washer.  We now have a 3 year old - and there is definately more laundry!