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 Posted: Sun Mar 19th, 2006 06:42 pm
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the elecrical code where i live says that you must have d/w on its own dedicated circuit,ang groung fault circuit interrupters are not to be used on such loads. i recall reading a maytag bulletin some time ago that stated if the diswasher was hooked up to improper polarity(reverse hot and neutral) it could cause premature failure of the heating element(grounding) which would obviously trip a g.f.c.i.   first,measuer heating element and ensure there is NO path to the jacket of the element from either terminal- make certain that d/w is wired to proper polarity- white is neutral and should have no pressure to ground, black is hot and should have 120v to ground- look into simply feeding d/w with a dedicated breaker to avoid confusion in the future.

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