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 Posted: Thu May 12th, 2005 04:59 am
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The back wall covering the evaperator keeps the heat going up to defrost the frost on the coils.  Now did the ice defrost?  You need to remember when this defrost system is working correctly and defrosts 2-3 times a day, there is very little frost on the coils and NO blocks of ice. I have to assume there was a lot more ice than would normally be on the evaperator.  This would be more than the defrost system could remove during a normal 21 minute defrost cycle.  If it did defrost the ice with the bi-metal by-passed, you need to consider this might be causing the problem.  Get the correct bi-metal, make sure the evap is not iced over and get the system put back together.  Then put your controls in the mid position and let it cycle. Monitor the temps in both sides to see if you can see a problem developing again.  Remember when the defrost system is working properly the freezer will get up to around 30*-40* when it is in defrost so do not be alarmed with this.  You might have gottem a defective timer, but that is unlikely.  Try all of this and keep me posted of the developments please.  Pegi

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