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 Posted: Thu May 12th, 2005 02:43 am
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   In this situation we must use the Force.  Do not stop to think, just believe what I tell you.  Go to your bathroom and grab the bar soap.  Just about any soap will do.  Dial, Ivory, Irish spring, Dove what ever as long as its not some weird crap you can see through.

    Put the bar soap in the silverware basket.  You might need a towel in front of the kick plate.  About 2 or 3 fill, wash, drains is all it will take to rid your dishwasher of suds.

     Most of the time it caused by the wrong kind of soap finding its way into your dishwasher.  Usually with help from the operator.

     Sometimes it's caused by the right soap that has gone bad, or was not mixed properly from the beginning.  Sometimes it's a bad batch of rinse agent that causes the suds.

      This technology will also work in your Jacuzzi if applied correctly.  How do you think I learned it.

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