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 Posted: Fri Mar 10th, 2006 08:35 pm
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Thanks for the picture.  However, I don't recall seeing that coupler part.  I went to the accessories web site and will provide you what I think are the closest pictures I find.  I guess there's the so-called inner agitator that looks much like this one which is responsible for the turn and the outer agitator, which is the one that makes the rhythmic squeaky sound with every turn that covers through the inner agitator  I not sure if this outer agitator picture is the correct one (since I can't see the top view) but it's the closest one.  And this outer agitator is the one I talked about before once I remove it, the squeaky sound goes away.  Once the outer is inserted  through the inner agitator, a fabric softner dispenser (closest picture to my fabric softner dispenser) can be mounted on top of agitator.  Hope these descriptions help.

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