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 Posted: Fri Mar 10th, 2006 03:40 pm
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Copied and pasted from a Tech only Froum.

Very similar in design to the F&P. One thing to be aware of, the holes in the basket are EXTREMELY SHARP on the outside of the basket, just like a cheese grater. For anyone that hasnt worked on a F&P, just like the F&P, there is no belt/coupling, trans, brake or clutch. Just a 38 pole DC motor thats attached to an agitator or an impeller. As the washer fills, it raises the tub to engage the agitation and as it pumps out, it lowers on to splines to engage the spin. A little tip that the trainer passed along, the motor housing, removed with a 1/4 in hex, if you continue to turn the screw, the cover backs out on its own, otherwise, youll fight the magnets trying to get the cover off. And the RPS(rotational position sensor), holding tabs breaks really easy, but it will still be heald in place by the cover big deal if you break one , or both. Also the pressure switch/monitor is intergrated onto the control board.
The dryer, made by Whirlpool, has an optional variable speed blower motor. They showed a video of the dryer in operation with a clear vent tube with a ball in it, that went straight up for like 15 ft, they closed an inline damper, to simulate a vent 95% restricted the ball dropped to the bottom and the blower revved up and the ball went right back to the top, kinda cool. The heating element/housing is slightly different, in that the element doesnt just slide out, like you have to take the can apart to change it. Otherwise for the most part, its the same, as any other kenpool DOTT dryer.

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