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 Posted: Thu Mar 9th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Trying to help wrote: IF you don't want to hook it up, just drop the console, access the pressure switch and momentarily (JUST FOR TEST PURPOSES) switch the Brown and Yellow wires. Now start it in wash, this will fool the unit into thinking it is full of water and it will try to run the motor in agitate. If the motor runs fine in agitate on regular speed, and fine in gentle on agitate, the motor is fine. This is a quick decisive way to determine the motor is good, but only for testing. When complete, correct the wiring. I do not see a speed switch on your unit, it appears the timer does it all. If that is the case, and we know the motor is good, bad timer. Let us know and we can go from there.
Well, I tried the wiring by-pass as you suggested. It will ONLY run in the DELICATE  setting. All other settings, Nada. Zip. Zilch. No motor activity at all. It will agitate AND spin, but only on the delicate side. Got any suggestions? I'm thinking I need to tear this thing down to the floor and see just how many things are actually worng with it. May be a lost cause.

Gonna need a new power cord too. Seems the mice thought it rather tasty...