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 Posted: Thu Mar 9th, 2006 10:05 am
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I had one that was doing something similar to what your describing only it was leaking down the right hand side from top and pooring water out around the right hand hinge.

I don't do warranty work and they had already had someone else that does do Frigidaire warranty out twice and they weren't able to fix it or get it to leak.

When I was given the job to try one last time to satisfiy the customer, I found the leak was only happening when the top spray arm was activated, (maybe the prior techs never let the top sprayarm cycle so never saw the leak, I don't know).

What I found was when I pushed in on the door at the top just like you described the leak stopped and also the noise what get much lower.

These door latches don't have any adjustments at all so I don't know how an authorized Frigidaire tech would have solved the problem, (maybe just a throw a new door gasket, door latch, and door latch strike and hope it fixes it??).

What I ended up doing was to remove the latch strike and with a dremel tool routed the screw holes out and cut the front of the plastic locater pins on the tub where the strike attaches off so the stike would be back further and pull the door closed tighter.

This solved the problem and the customer was very happy to finally have a new dishwasher that didn't leak all over the floor everytime it was used.

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