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 Posted: Thu Mar 9th, 2006 03:00 am
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The fact that it did stop momentarily indicates the board on the back is recognizing a shorted circuit momentarily. I think you have a bad sensor for the lack of baking and the cooling fan issue and I know your clock is the reason for the lack of display. I feel very uncomfortable having you replace anything without being 100% sure. A sensor will cost you about $35. We know your clock is bad, are you looking to just get this thing baking and live with it this way? Reason I ask is that if you have a 1100 ohm resistor(radio shack for .80 cents), you can use that to jump across the bare wires of the connection you touched with your needle-nose. It the fan stays off, your sensor is bad, period. The 1100 ohm resistor (+ or - 10%)will act like the sensor, it should allow the fan to shut off and to initiate a heat cycle. IT WILL NOT CONTROL THE TEMP AND CAN NOT BE USED THIS WAY, as soon as you verify it will heat, turn it off. This will allow you to test the circuit to insure it is the sensor circuit and the unit is still capable of heating.    

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