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 Posted: Wed Mar 8th, 2006 09:32 pm
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Thank you for putting up with us and our questions.

The following sentences bothers me a little. Could you be kind and be a little more speciific about the tub being solid in agitate. I have noticed the innertub moving while in agitate...I have to kind of straghten it. This has happened many times. Someone told me the load is unbalanced, but the machine does not stop. I have had it stop maybe a couple of times during four yrs. because of an unbalance in the tub. I can't be that bad at loading the machine. Anyways, is this what you mean by the sentences below?

"This style brake does not wear down like others. When it does start to go bad it slips and does not hold the tub solid in agitate."

Also, now way to grease any parts in the machine, right?

Thank you very very much!