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 Posted: Wed Mar 8th, 2006 08:54 pm
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Trying to help

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This style brake does not wear down like others. When it does start to go bad it slips and does not hold the tub solid in agitate. The only way it could become out of spec or not adjusted correctly to affect spin would be to remove the screw holding the lug onto the transmission pulley and install it back incorrectly. Since you stated you did not touch that area, and no one else has worked on the unit, then it shouldn't be  "unadjusted". The screens you see at the bottom of the tub can be popped out for changing but will not be the cause for your slow or poor spin. They simply give the water another outlet from the tub in spin as opposed to all the holes in the outer tub. Some units do not even us them and instead have filler plugs. There will not be a large build up of lint in there slowing the basket. Sock stuck in the outlet of the tub that leads to the pump, maybe, but you stated you thoroughly inspected the unit and there was no article of clothing or foreign matter in there. Good luck.

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