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 Posted: Wed Mar 8th, 2006 05:49 am
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> Something stuck under the agitator would not stop this unit
> from spinning. You said you tried my suggestions prior. I am
> assuming you removed the front, lifted the top (not the lid)
> and pulled off the bleach hose and removed the large white tub
> cover and inspected.

Right. The unit is very clean. We needed to clean the
under-side of the plastic ring. There was nothing wedged
between the inner and outer tubs, but we couldn't see or reach

> Also, the greasing of the trust bearing and other suggestions
> is for a completely different drive system. Even though they
> both say Performa, yours is actually a LAT dependable care drive
> system. Great machine. IF you have done the checks i suggested,
> then we would want to make sure your motor is pivoting freely
> and inspect the bearing for signs of rust.

So we have a great washer, but ungreasable?

The motor is pivoting properly. We added a spring so now
there's 3. If your refering to the rubber area at the base of
the tub as the bearing, we didn't any rust. But we can't see
inside of it. We've the urge to push some grease through the
slots next to the tub.

> I am assuming no one has removed the transmission pulley prior
> to this or tried to adjust the tension of the belts by moving
> the pump?

No. We have not removed any pulleys. We replaced the belts after
first smelling burning rubber. Before that we adjusted the pump
pulley tighter, but put it back to about where it was when we
installed the new pump belt. Thats we added the spring because
pushing the tray towards us and tightening the transmission belt
seemed to increase spin speed, but not by much...

Its apparent that we're asking too much of the motor, pulleys,
and belts. The drive shaft seems to be asking too much. It
feels like the brake is on.

You'll be our hero if you can tell us whats wrong.