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 Posted: Wed May 11th, 2005 03:57 pm
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You should remove the sheetrock from floor to ceiling between the two framing studs (2x4's) where that outlet is located. Unless it's very obvious, roof leaks are very hard to pinpoint from on top of the roof. It helps tremendously if you can see where it's getting into the house. Do you have access to the attic? If so, take a flashlight up there and have a friend spray the roof with a water hose. Because the leak is in the middle of the house the water will need to leak through the attic first and you should be able to see a drip.

There should be a plumbing vent stack poking out of the roof near that laundry room. Around that stack is a black rubber boot. I've seen some situations where that boot pulls away from the stack leaving a gap. The rain gets into that gap and follows the vent stack right down into the house. Then, it can drip onto other items in the walls and ceiling until it's finally noticeable to you.

If there is no roof leak you'll most likely be able to figure out the exact cause of the water if you remove the sheetrock. As others have said, that water's coming from somewhere.

Another reason to remove the sheetrock is to let the stud bay dry out thoroughly to prevent mold growth. If mold is already growing use a bleach/water solution to kill it. Be sure to do this job thoroughly.

And, the green may be caused by oxidation of the copper wires which may mean you'll need to do a replacement of a section of damaged wires.

Finally, please don't turn that breaker back on until you're absolutely sure this problem is 100% resolved. You could burn your house down if the short happens in the wall next time.