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 Posted: Sun Mar 5th, 2006 03:10 am
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It sounds as though the micro switch controlling the dispenser is stuck in the 'closed'

or on position, probably from the exploding Coke can - that stuff is pretty gummy. 

First get yourself an ohm meter or multimeter for testing purposes.  Remove the

hinge cap on the freezer door and disconnect the harness if you haven't already

done that.  Remove the drip tray from the dispenser area and you should see a

couple of screws holding the frame on the freezer door.  Carefully remove the frame

from the door face because there is a ribbon connector attached to it.  You can either

disconnect the ribbon or have someone hold it out of the way for you.   You should

now have a fair view of the dispenser paddles.  One controls the water and the

other the ice dispenser.  The micro switch for the ice dispenser has a brown and

slate coloured wire connected to it.  Remove at least one of these wires and test the

switch with an ohm meter - you should have an open circuit when the paddle is not

being pressed, if not then the switch is stuck.  You could also visually inspect the

switch to see if the button will push in and out.  If the switch is ok than you could

have a bad relay board, but I would check the switch out first, hope this helps

good luck.