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 Posted: Sun Mar 5th, 2006 02:20 am
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Model# GLRS267ZA (manufactured 2/02) side by side, with ice maker/water dispenser in door. Bought new 8/02 (no extended warranty)

Problem: It started when my husband left a can of coke in the freezer.  I discovered it the next morning and immediately cleaned the mess in the freezer.  Then when I would shut the freezer door, the dispenser lights go on and you could hear the ice bin auger turn, hearing some ice go in the shoot then stop.  I opened the freezer door, and saw the ice sitting in the shoot.  Shut the door again, same thing happens.  I hit the paddle to release the ice since it is piling up in the shoot.  This was going on for a while and we decided to disconnect the dispenser.  Later we reconnected the dispenser to see what would happen, now it won't stop dispensing. Totally out of control.  So it is again disconnected.  Please note that the ice maker works fine, it's only the door dispenser that's acting goofy.  I have had to take ice out of the bin manually.  I called Frigidaire,  and CS told me that my problem was not in their database, so I would need to call a repair person.

My theory is the issue is the PC board.  But this model has two of them.  One white, the other green.  But since I base this theory on nothing, I need you expert advice.  If I do need to get a replacement board, which one?  Each board is around $100.

Thanks for your help!