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 Posted: Thu Mar 2nd, 2006 04:56 am
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I converted an ancient Philco fridge (circa 1950) into a keg cooler in 1972. Paid 25 bucks for it, best money I ever spent. It still runs great, zillions of brewskis later, hic. I just drilled a hole in the side to accomodate the tap, and another hole to run the CO2 gas tube into the fridge. Some people put the gas tank inside the fridge, but I don't like that idea for two reasons. It leaves less room in the fridge for extra six packs when the keg runs dry, plus the gas pressure is reduced due to the cold.

I drilled through the side of my fridge, since the heat exchanger coils are on the back. That's the main thing to watch out for. You don't wanna drill into a refrigerant line or an electric wire, so just make sure you know where you are drilling. Good luck and here's mud in yer eye!