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 Posted: Wed Mar 1st, 2006 04:01 am
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I have a Hot Point 20.6 cu ft refrigerator that I hate. The glass "spill proof" shelves are encased by cheap plastic frames that have broken, even the tabs that hold them into the side of the fridge broke. I replaced the tabs with carved wooden dowels, but the shelves will not hold together. It has a top mount freezer with an internal ice maker which also stinks. I believe the serial number is 162D4835P069. I would like to justify the purchase of a new fridge by turning this one into something useful, a beer:gimmebeer: keg cooler. We have an old Superior brand keg cooler that struggles to keep the beer at a 42-48 degrees. If you reside in Germany or Ireland that may be acceptable, however we are looking for a nice 36-38 degrees My thoughts are to turn this albatross of a refrigerator into a much more efficient beer haus (our friends drink a lot). We have the tank, tap and a new fan motor, or so I am told. Have you any words of wisdom in this area? 

Humble and broken, again,