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 Posted: Wed May 11th, 2005 03:23 am
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When you said te orignal timer was on 2 and 3 this indicated your timer was wired right unless the timer that was in there was wrong.  Now it does sound like the heater is turning off too soon.  Let us put the lead back on # 2 and do the by-pass the bi-metal test.  The bi-metal temp may be too low, or it is defective or it might not be on the right place on the evap coil.  Could have a bad connection somewhere.  Would only take a few to do this test..The ice on the coils is caused by moisture in the frig, too much hot moist food put in the box, seals not sealing good.  Seal the breaks with silacone to see of this helps.  But let us see if the bi-metal is the evil twin here also. Pegi

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