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 Posted: Mon Feb 27th, 2006 02:43 pm
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mitch5252 wrote:
I have a newer (maybe 2002...)GE electric double wall oven (Kenmore, actually - made by GE).

FO fault code started late summer 2005. I could clear it for a while (week or so), then had to pull the breaker. I replaced the control panel once. No fault codes for approximately 2 months or so (can't actually remember). Started up again. With's great guarantee, I replaced the control panel again yesterday with yet another new one. FO and incessant beeping started within 10 minutes!!! Grrrrrr...

This morning, based on reading this site, I tried pulling (gently, of course) the ribbon cable. Upon return of power, beeping and FO were immediate, with ribbon cable disconnected.

After reading this thread, I'm a little confused (I'm a female with no repair experience at all, although the control panel was pretty straightforward with using lots of pre-disconnect close-up digital pictures to guide me through the re-connections!!!! :) )

Anyway, do I or do I NOT try replacing the touch pad part? Or should I just get a new freakin' oven (non-GE, of course!!!) I hate GE, I've always hated GE...too bad this beast came with the house!!!!

Thanks for any help!


Follow-up to above message: I cleaned the ribbon cable with a pencil eraser...NO beeps for almost 24 hours!!!! I hope it lasts, then I can send that $150 part back just as soon as it gets here! :)